A Letter to an Artist

6/24/20212 min read

Dear Oliver,

How have you been doing lately? In your last letter you wrote about your struggle to create something on a specific topic. I feel your pain of being lost on the „love“ subject. Dear, I know that it‘s hard to create something about the odd thing you‘ve never experienced. I know, I know, you asked my advice and I‘m trying to come up with something but I‘m not sure I can help you with that, since my experience on the topic was not very thorough either, to say the least.
Although „love“ is THE big topic that everyone is trying to exploit (or so it seems like it), but you‘ve got to be true to yourself. If, after consideration, you trully want to create something on the topic, you have to figure out WHAT you want to say and HOW (meaning, which form suits your idea the most). After a glass of fine cheap wine, when you‘re a bit tipsy, but not drunk yet, try to feel love to yourself. I know, that‘s when you‘re the most loving towards others, so it might help to feel that for yourself too. When there is no one to love around, you, my dear, will have to love yourself, to feel what you want to express. I know that being around all the other scumbags does‘t make you feel very lovable, but I don‘t have a better advice for you. Maybe... Just try to go for a walk down the river (you know all the good spots, the bridges we spent so many of our nights pondering, finding nothing more than despair), watch a couple shyly rejoicing their new found feeling, youngsters tasting the apple of love – the lustful lips for the first time... Just look around, darling, I‘m sure you‘ll find your inspiration somewhere. And as soon as you get the idea, the real feeling and the unstoppable urge to spread it, to share it with the world, then you‘re good to go. You‘ll be ready to create something magnificent. Only, be careful. Don‘t try to describe the feeling with your creation. You must capture the essence of it and let it live freely.

Well, tell me how it goes. I‘m deadly curious if my advice works for you, darling.

With much love
Your friend