On breaking down


7/19/20211 min read

Dark skies hover within.
Abyss sucks in where
There is no hope of ever coming out,
And then it begins.
The sorrow, the anger, the tiers in four eyes.
Soul ripping, heat tearing, the questioning “Why?”.
No purpose, self-destruction circles, and total remorse.
Hang on for a little longer, there is more to explore.
The pain gets much heavier but you cannot hide,
The state of being broken won’t save you until
Life crushes you further to nearly the end (still you must carry on.)
Then you’re lying or keep fighting,
Either way – you’ve already lost.
Only caring compassion might save you now.
When you start to accommodate to
The wild storm within,
It gets quiet
And leaves broken chambers.
Next comes
The chance to rebuild and weep clean.
When the dark heavy clouds
Becomes all that you see,
Only then they decide to leave you in peace.
New chapter starts
With the letters unknown
But life is about learning
And so it will go.