Week 1. Fresh


1/4/20242 min read

A lot of people describe these days or first couple weeks of the year as “fresh new start”. As I’ve written in a Week 47 of 2023 pondering, time is something we perceive and sometimes it does not match to other peoples’ perception, which is normal and natural. At this “fresh” time I’m feeling like I’ve been living in the New Year vibe since November so the shift from 31 to 1 this time around was not that much about everything changing. For me it was about evaluating the path that was walked, reviewing the things I’ve learned, being certain about the things I’ve left behind and celebrating how far I’ve come. For me, this time has a smell of stillness to it, not so much the taste of glamorous goals, motivating quotes about progress, and achievements from day one of this new year that people are talking about. I just don’t feel it this year. So if you are stuck between all the “shoulds” and “everybody are doing this new cool trendy thing” but inside you don't feel like it’s something you truly want, then don’t do it. You can simply accept where you are and what feels right for you at this moment. And accept that fully. Know that you can give yourself a permission to not be that trendy person for the moment, not give a flying fudge about the productivity race that starts every January and just do what feels fresh to you. Maybe it’s eating fresh vegetables after savory holidays, maybe it’s moving your body in a new fun way (ice-skating, anyone?). Maybe it’s dressing up for the wet, snowy weather and going for a long walk, getting back and warming up with a cup of tea, maybe it’s trying out a new fruit every month - you choose what suits you. The thing is, you get to live your life, and you get to decide what to focus on. You don’t have to crumble under the pressure of what other people are doing or how they are choosing to perceive the change of numbers on a calendar. Every moment is precious and has the potential to be the best one yet, to bring you the fresh start whenever you choose to. Doesn’t matter what the calendar says. Listen to what your heart says.

Have a week of fresh moments

close-up photo of black-and-gray Intruder ice skates on frozen body of water
close-up photo of black-and-gray Intruder ice skates on frozen body of water