Week 10. Stir up


3/7/20241 min read

a coffee cup with a smiley face painted on it
a coffee cup with a smiley face painted on it

Maybe it’s me, or maybe it’s spring up here in the north that calls for a gust of fresh wind. Last week we had one extra day in the year, so there was some space for potential, this blank page for all the possibilities for us to choose from. I bet, most of the people (including me) lived that day just like every other day, considering it one more chance to earn some more money (since there’s more days in the month), pushing through days, maybe surviving and waiting for winter to finally end. And it did end. On a calendar. Longer and somewhat warmer days do quietly call for adventure. Maybe to go outside with one less layer, maybe to go on a different route when going to do your regular everyday thing, maybe to drink your daily beverage of choice outside, preferably in the sun, or go crazy and to go for a walk in nature for thirty minutes. It seems that things just need to be stirred up a little right now, even if it’s a bit unconventional or directionless. Probably that’s just natural for spring, to spring up and then see what happens, where things land. So this week I invite you to stir up some things in your life, try something new, different, or at least, get some more sunlight if possible. Let’s go to live our fun, interesting, renewed lives, especially if they’re regularly not like that at all. We can make them to be a bit more of something we want. Each day, incrementally.

Have a light week.