Week 11. Day of Your Dreams


3/14/20242 min read

parked white bicycle
parked white bicycle

Just imagine, you open your eyes in the morning and your whole life is different. You wake up in the life of your dreams. What was the first emotion that rose in your body when you read that? I bet it was fear because you probably don’t even know what your dream life would be. Sometimes we feel like our life and all the responsibilities we have hold us down, not letting us lift our heads to look around, to figure out what we really want. And maybe we’re afraid that even if we would allow ourselves to dream, real life feels so far away from the dream that it crushes all hope to ever attain it. On the other hand, not knowing costs us much more than we want to pay. If we don’t know what we want, we can’t move towards it, so we’re spinning wheels for others’ dreams and goals, not for our own.

If you are the lucky one who knows what you want and the thought of waking up in your dream life excites you, then try to walk yourself through the day, the steps, the environment, the feelings of your dream day. By doing this play pretend exercise you may actually live your current day feeling like it’s your dream life, right here and now. This way, the life you want meets you halfway. You may actually start practicing to live like this more days in your life and the dream life becomes your true reality. If that’s you, congratulations! Would love to hear your story, how you did it. If not, let’s spend another minute here figuring out what we can do to put you closer to your dream.

If I would try to figure out what I want, I’d probably start by looking at what I don’t want. If we’re not in the most positive mindset, we might start from where it feels familiar - the negative. When we have an idea what we really don’t like and what are the non-negotiables of what we know we don’t want for sure (given that we’ve actually tried that and most definitely don’t want that, no thank you ma’am), we can get clear on what would be nice, maybe pleasurable, quite ok to be, feel and experience in our day and start there. If we don’t have a clue where to begin, we can make a list of things that would sound nice to try out and to actually try, say, one thing from the list every week. It’s a great way to get to know yourself better and if you don’t know what you want, these kinds of “dates with yourself” might be very useful for looking at yourself from different angles while collecting your personal treasure chest of experiences. Of course, while going for the activities or things, trying them out would require you to be very present with yourself at least for a moment to feel into the thing that you’re doing or how you’re being and to evaluate if it resonates with you, if it lifts you up or not. That’s a way to figure out what you want more of in your life. Repeating the process again and again should give you a sense of what your “quite a nice day” could look like, working your way up to “your dream day”. That is a scenic journey back to yourself, but trust me, so worth it.

Have a day of your dreams this week!