Week 14. To the Beat


4/4/20241 min read

a man sitting on a skateboard in front of a wall
a man sitting on a skateboard in front of a wall

Life marches to its own beat. Sometimes we find ourselves stomping to the same beat, sometimes we just can’t seem to find the rhythm no matter what we do. At times we want to dance a fast paced dance but life seems to slow our role and we can’t argue with that. If we do, there are falls, injuries, illnesses that make us stop. It feels like this time asks us to synchronize with the rhythm of life as no other time before. It seems that right now we have to bend with winds, flow with rivers, fluster with fires and find stillness with ground. All at the same time, also holding trust that life (for each of us individually) is taking us somewhere we have to be. Even when the ride seems quite crazy or too chaotic to fathom, or if it seems monotonous and too slow to get somewhere. At this time not much seems clear but maybe it’s the best time to turn inward and to find our own core truth and trust in it.

Have an insightful week.