Week 15. Not As Planned


4/11/20242 min read

caution wet floor signage on gray rocks in seashore
caution wet floor signage on gray rocks in seashore

Sometimes we plan things ahead, prepare for upcoming events, draw charts and make strategies and things still don’t go as planned. Things happen, that’s life. In some cases things go way better than we anticipated, in some - way worse, so the only thing left to do is to hold on to your hat cuz it’s getting crazy out here. In both cases the unplanned side of things has the potential to change our lives in some way. Sometimes we change jobs and even though we've prepared, know everything about the company and the role there is to know (from public resources) when we actually step through the door we find something completely unexpected, not the environment we thought we’re going to be working in. But the first day while walking around, introducing yourself to other colleagues, you find there your work bestie, who becomes your closest friend in life. Or maybe the job is great, the team is helpful and cooperative but the pay is not great and you find the boss of your nightmares there, who gives you enough material to start your stand-up comedy career. Maybe you move to a more affordable neighborhood that you’re not crazy about but you meet the love of your life buying groceries there. My point is, sometimes the things that don't go as we plan direct us to where we actually need to be. Even when from our own perspective something seems like a bummer, sometimes it might mean that we don’t see the full picture yet and that things might turn around pretty quickly. Sure, at times it’s really hard to see what’s good about missing your plane when you know for sure it did not crash and reached its destination safely, or why not getting into the college that you really want to go that year is better for you in the long run. Simply, sometimes things have to unfold in a different manner than we would want to or would expect. And sometimes we’re just on a streak of bad luck and the only thing left to do is to throw your hands in the air and say “Fudge it! I give up!”, and see how things will unfold without you doing much in it. Either way, I hope this week brings a sigh of relief, even when we have no idea how everything will unfold, we can still breathe in, and breathe out, one moment at a time.

Have an unplanned week.