Week 18. Adulting


5/2/20242 min read

person holding glass jar
person holding glass jar

Do you still remember that you wanted to grow up so badly and imagined how it would look like? How did you think back then, what does being an adult really mean? I remember, I thought that the age of 25 is the ultimate goal, the best of the best, the time of your life you will remember. Never thought what comes after that but who cares? As a 9 year old me, I didn’t. 30 years seemed almost unreachable and the only two reasons to grow up were: to be taller that no one would put their elbow on top of my head, and to being able to eat as much candy as I wanted, because adults can do that, they don’t have all these rules and regulations when to eat and what, right?.. Right? Hehe, oh yeah they do. Good that I didn’t know that back then, that would have crushed my life’s goal (of course I’m joking, but also not really). The thing is, as kids we imagine how great it must be to be an adult, thinking that our lives will change in a better way but we rarely have honest and real conversations with adults about what is life like to them, so we don’t really know what to expect. As I have been an adult for a little bit, I’m aware how different life is from what I was expecting as a kid, from what I was taught at school, in society and in my environment. Maybe it’s just me but recently it seems that the world is also changing at the rapid pace, and if decades ago we were able to look at the evidence, how things were before, evaluate the data and draw conclusions for the future, for the last 10 to 4 years we really can’t predict things that much any more because something really random happens, something that nobody expects or can vividly imagine and we’re thrown off kilter again, trying to adapt and adjust to the past, not knowing what the future brings. So sometimes it’s fun to remember what we thought our lives will look like as an adult, sometimes it gives us a great sense of nostalgia, sometimes crushing grief that none of what we’ve dreamt of is possible any longer or never have been, only our pure little hearts didn’t know that at the time and dreamt care-free. This week I just want to honor that pure heart of ours and suggest that some dreams may still live now, maybe they can be made possible as we are adulting, when we have the resources of limitless internet, learning and DIY. Maybe just for the fun of doing what we love, maybe for the purpose of creating something bigger than ourselves. Some served their purpose of entertaining when we were younger and has to be let go for new ones to come in. Some need a proper farewell ceremony and a period of grieving which is also a kind way to honor our younger selves capacity to dream big and bold, accepting that not all the dreams must come true. Whichever the case, this week I invite you to remember and to play, to feel what comes up and to release, to imagine again, to put your hand on your heart space, thank that little one you and recollect, that you still share that pure heart, which still has the ability to create galactics, if you will.

Have a heartfelt week.