Week 20. Cycles


5/15/20242 min read

green plant in macro lens
green plant in macro lens

This is a big topic to tackle but I’ll do my best in exploring how it’s relevant at this time and in the context of my life. Without further ado, let’s begin.

In life we sometimes have to circle around certain topics to learn the meaning or the lesson of them, to be able to move on. Some cycles look different from the outside, like living in a new house with a new partner, having a new vocation. At the same time having the same arguments like we had with the previous partner, feeling the same way about the job as we did about the last one, maybe even facing the same plumbing problems at home like we did in another city, state or even country. It almost feels like these problems follow us around wherever we go. Some cycles look different but feel the same way because even when the circumstances changed, we internally didn’t, so the same unresolved issues tend to come back around. Other times, from an outside perspective, we could seem to be in the same cycle but it feels completely different. For instance, after spending many years at school we embark on another educational step so our days may look similar from the outside but internally we are on a completely different journey throughout both experiences. This week I want to encourage you to look at your life and to recognize which parts of it seem like they are repeating over and over without resolution and which feel different, even when they look the same year after year. Both may look like being stuck or in a loop but what counts is how we feel being in it, what we learn from it and with what intention we come into these situations. I’ve recently had a second loop in my life when on the surface it seemed that I’m living the same scenario again. In the beginning of that situation it almost discouraged me - it seemed that I didn’t move an inch forward, rather most likely batwards, where I was a few years back. In actuality it was an upgrade, it only took me a minute to figure it out. This whole situation showed me how far I’ve actually come since the first cycle and in the new one I get to refine what I’ve learned before, which feels quite expansive to me. So if this week you are feeling stuck in a loop, I encourage you to look into it, to find why it’s repeating itself and what learning you need to acquire from it to move past and beyond it. I trust in your ability to do great things this week, do you?

Have a curious week.