Week 26. Midway


6/27/20241 min read

bird's-eye view photography of asphalt road in between trees
bird's-eye view photography of asphalt road in between trees

We’ve crossed the halfway point of the year, which means it’s a great time to take stock of what we’ve been up to these last six months and what comes ahead. I know that not all people live by calendars and goal reaching strides, I’m not a great example of that as well. This time simply offers the chance to review and reassess, and if we’re willing, we can learn a great deal out of it. This time is great for thoughts like: “let me see how far I’ve come in this particular area of my life”, “what actually changed since I last evaluated my progress in being a human, living this life I’m granted?”, “what came into my life that I’m extremely grateful for?”, “what choices did I recently make to make my life better in any way?”, “how am I celebrating life every chance I get?”, feel free to add yours here. As we’re moving forward with time into the next chapter of this book of life, we get an amazing opportunity to stop for a moment, to look around: gaze back with gratitude, at this moment being wiser than ever before, and peek into the unforeseeable future, the valleys that await, the wind yet to kiss your cheeks. It’s the excitement of being alive and exploring every minute as it comes that fuels this time, so thick with opportunities, you can almost reach out and touch it. So what is your next chapter about?

Have a curiosity filled week