Week 46. Choice point


11/16/20232 min read

These turbulent times get me thinking, there are people who suffer in adversities and those, who always seem to ride the waves and thrive even during the most gruesome times. Ever since 2020 when adversities hit all over the world, I’ve noticed that the people who were thriving were the ones who chose to see these types of situations as opportunities, and even though I don’t agree with all the types of opportunities found (some of them capitalized on fears and lack of information), I do see the difference that solution-seeking mentality makes in navigating hardships.
Over the last few weeks, several conflicts have been highlighted everywhere, hence, it is almost impossible not to see human suffering around the world. This sparked thoughts about what people experience in these kinds of conditions, and what awaits next. This kept me pondering so I jotted down a few lines about it the next day after my birthday while waiting for my train. I do have a tradition on my birthday to thank and think about those who walked before me, to evaluate my own life, and to think through in what ways the world has changed, so it was only natural for me to react (you can find my poem on the topic here) to what is happening in the world right now. And even though, fear was my initial reaction after hearing the news about new conflicts, I soon realized that I don’t have to perpetuate it. Yes, fear, anger, and feelings of being a victim may naturally and rightfully arise in those, who experience these terrors, but this does not have to lead to more fear-based feelings. After a grieving period, when safety is assured, the real strength of the spirit shows when people choose love and peace over fear and anger. For themselves first, with the potential to share it with the closest ones too. Especially touching were the acts of kindness that poured in after several man-made and natural disasters this year, which showed how many people are there, who are sharing their love and care with strangers on the other side of the world, just because they are human too. And this too shows that suffering doesn’t have to be the end point when we experience adversity.
These breaking points actually show us what we’re made of and how strong our spirit is. If there is one thing you’ll take from this thought pool right here, let it be this, hardships, adversity and trauma happen to us but it does not define who we are. What defines us is how we choose to react to it and what we do with what we have, that is what shows our real character and strength.
Have a week filled with loving choices
a person standing on a road with a fire in the background
a person standing on a road with a fire in the background