Week 47. Illusion of time


11/23/20232 min read

Do you sometimes feel like you should have done this or that by a certain age, or that there‘s so much to do before you‘re forty, before it‘s holiday season, by the end of this year? But at the same time, you‘re daydreaming during your work hours about the weekend, vacation, end of your shift, and that clock handle just refuses to move faster. If after you look at your life honestly, you don‘t feel discomfort or regret that perhaps you don‘t have that perfect partner in your life yet and fall asleep hugging your furry baby instead of your own, that you don‘t make that much money as your parents wanted you to but you can live with yourself while going to your good enough job. Maybe you wake up today and feel like it‘s Christmas or the best day of the year – please, do celebrate! It doesn‘t matter what others think, if it feels like it‘s the time to party, to grieve, to be a lazy burrito, do what feels right for you, even if it‘s a regular Tuesday and people only do lazy burritos every third Saturday of a month.

I felt the illusion of time ever since I was little – adults were saying to a five-year-old me with a jealous smile that I‘m lucky because for me it was always Saturdays. I didn‘t know what other days of the week meant so „Saturday“ for me was equal to „Today“. Then I started noticing that I can feel like I'm living from three to five days in one day. It just felt like the whole week could fit in my 24 hours and I didn‘t think it was weird until talking to others about it. When I realized that not all of us experience time the same way I sighed in relief. That meant that I didn‘t have to „fit in“ someone else‘s timeline, I was already creating my own just by being the way I am. So please, if you are feeling peer pressure to do something or be someone by the time someone else feels comfortable you‘d be that, politely tell them to go live their own lives and embrace your own way of being at your own pace. At the end of the day, it‘s your life, your 24 hours to fill in, that can be a joy for you, doesn‘t matter if it matches the time of the year, month in your stratosphere, or someone else‘s wishes how you should manage your life. Remember, it's five o'clock, May or the weekend somewhere, why not inside you?

Have the time of your life this week!

black and white polka dot pattern
black and white polka dot pattern