Week 52. Balance


12/28/20231 min read

This in-between week is a time of too much and too littles. There’s too much delicious food, talks, and something stronger, too little sleep or movement for your body, the lifestyle patterns are blurred and chaotic, the mood is not really right for work but it’s too much of laying around as well so the restlessness kicks in. This week tends to get all over the place and sometimes we need to get off track for a different perspective. When we lose the routines, the schedules of our daily lives we get to see how much they are actually doing for us. In this contrast we get to see what was working for us and what was just an excessive effort for minimal return. We also get to rest a bit more (ideally) and restore the drive, the motivation for action, for change, for this next chapter. In life, just like in music, there should be a pause before the next bar, there must be a contrast to experience the dynamic and the change. There’s a place for all of these pieces, and this week allows us to experience that. It’s a great time for a moment of stillness, for a walk in nature while listening to what’s happening around, maybe what’s happening inside, overall, for more listening. So this week I encourage you to listen, and I’ll be listening to you.

Have a balanced week and start of the year. Happy holidays!