Week 8. The Book of Life


2/22/20241 min read

person holding open book viewing mountain view
person holding open book viewing mountain view

There are days we want to forget ever happened, the days we barely survived (some quite literally), the days we laughed so hard we peed a little, the days we gazed into the eyes we never wanted to turn away from, the days we walked, what seemed like eternity, to reach a beautiful spot on the map, the days we felt we reached the tip of our possibilities and were so proud, the days we actually barely remember because the night before, all those days are what our life consists of but regularly we hardly ever think about that. We’re taught to chase the next big thing and those little moments slip away unnoticed, unappreciated. I’ve heard a quote that rings so true to me, it’s from Brene Brown, if I remember it correctly. It says that in times of distress all we want are those mundane moments to come back, we want the old, the familiar, the normal because the change or disruption is so unfamiliar, so uncomfortable. In 2020-2021 all we heard was “going back to normal” but we never came back. We always went forward. Then the phrase changed to “the new normal”. The truth of the matter is that things are always changing, our lives, our bodies, everything around us are always in flux, constantly changing and we just have got to accept it. The other side of the coin is that we can choose what we want to change within the realm we’re playing in.

I had a conversation this week that led to a thought: if my life was a book, what kind of book would it be? My reply was that there would be two books, one a horror story, the other would consist of funny, strange, serendipitous and downright odd events. Looking back at your life, what would your book be about? What title would it have? And what would you want your future book to be? I think that’s a great way to evaluate where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Have an eventful week.